Q.4) What is Input devices and output devices explain with examples?

Input devices :-  Input devices are used to give the input to the computer systems. With the help of input devices we interact with the computer and give the instructions to it.

For Example:-  Keyboard, Mouse etc.

  • Keyboard and mouse are the most important input device, without it we can not interact with the computer.
  • Many other input devices are also exist with the help of those devices we can enter another kind of inputs in the form of audio, image, and video etc.
  • Input devices are the piece of hardware which is used to give the signals to the computer.
  • Without input device we can’t expect the result from the computer.


Output devices :- Output devices are used to give the final result to the user which is given by the computer processor.

For example:- Monitor, Printer, speakers  etc.

  • There are many kind of output devices which can connected to the computer and give us the desired results.
  • Monitor is the main output device of the computer system, without it we can’t imagine the computer.
  • Computer can work without output device, but if desired output device is not connected to the computer we can’t determine the result which is given by the computer.
  • Output from the output device may be in the form of text, audio, or video.


Both input and output devices are distinct to each other input gives the instruction to the processor and output gives the result after the instruction completed.


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