What is C++ language and its features?

Introduction of C++ Programming:-
C++ is a OOPL (Object Oriented Programming Language) which is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at AT & T (American Telephone & Telegraph) Bell Laboratories. C++ runs on a variety of platform such as windows, Mac and various versions of UNIX. C++ is an enhanced version of C programming language. Its original name was c with classes but later it was renamed with C++.
Features of C++:-
 Simple
 Object oriented
 Compile based
 Powerful
 In-built libraries
 Memory management
 Pointers
 Platform dependent
 Case sensitive
 Reusability
Every C++ program can be written in simple English language so that it is very easy to understand and developed by programmer.
Object Oriented:-
C++ is object oriented programming language which makes development and maintenance easier for developer. In Procedure-oriented programming language it is not easy to manage if code grows as project size grows. It follows the concept of oops like class, object, polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, overloading.
Compile based:-
C++ is a compiler based programming language, it means without compilation no C++ program can be executed. First we need to compile our program using compiler and then we can execute our program.
C++ is a very powerful programming language; with the help of it you can make wide verity of program using its data types, functions, control statements, decision making statements, and many more things.
In-built libraries:-
C++ provides a lot of inbuilt functions and header files that makes the development fast and easier.
Memory management:-
It supports the feature of dynamic memory allocation. In C++ language, we can free the allocated memory at any time by calling the free() function.
C++ have very impressive feature that is Pointer. Pointers is a variable which hold the address of another variable. pointers are directly access the memory address of any variable. It means we can directly interact with the memory location.
Platform dependent:-
Platform dependent means the program is dependent on Operating System.
C++ language will run on only specific OS i.e. when we develop a C++ application on DOS, so that will be running on DOS only. It is not possible to transfer that application from DOS to UNIX even if we try to do the same we need to rebuild the application.
Case sensitive:-
Case sensitivity means both upper case and lower case treated differently. C++ does support the case sensitivity. For example “a” and “A” both are different words in C++.
Reusability means ability to reuse the previous or predefined code. With the help of predefine and user defined function we can reuse that code in C++ language. So that we can say C++ have a feature of reusability.

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