Write short notes on Desktop

Write Short notes on: a) Desktop b) Laptop c) Palmtop d) Workstations e) Super Computer?

a) Desktop:- 

A desktop computer (or desktop PC) is a computer that is designed to stay in a desk or table. They usually consist of a monitor(output device), keyboard and , mouse (Input device).

  • Desktop computers cannot be powered from an internal battery and therefore must remain connected to electricity.
  • Desktop computer is stay at one location.
  • Desktop is designed for regular use that’s why it is known as personal computer (PC).
  • Desktop is a combination of input, processor (CPU) and output device without this devices we can’t use it.
  • We can add another kind of input and output device with the desktop as requirement of the user like speakers, Printer(Output device), barcode reader, scanner (Input device).
  • Desktops are not portable because we can’t move frequently it.
  • There are many brands are available in the market for the parts of computer.
  • We can purchase same brand product of the computer like (CPU, Monitor, Mouse).
  • We can also purchase assemble PC which means different brands products combinations.

Write short notes on Desktop


b) Laptop:-  

Laptop is a device which we can do all the work like PC, moreover it can move freely anywhere. It can also called “Notebook” or “notebook computer”. It can consist of 2 parts as upper part is a screen and lower part is a keyboard which contains alphanumeric keywords and a mouse pad. It is a foldable device which can shut and easily use for transportation. We can use laptop either by internal battery or external power supply by the direct electricity connection with the help of Laptop adapter.

  • Laptop is a portable device.
  • Laptop comes in a combination of input device, output device, memory, hard disk, processor, webcam, microphones and, screen.
  • Modern laptop comes with touch screen and screen moveable.
  • Laptop have a battery so that you can use it without the electricity for an hours.
  • Laptop comes on varies size and weight.
  • Laptop can also comes on various resolutions.
  • Laptop hard drive is smaller than the PC hard drive, depending on the energy saving and the performance.
  • Laptop is more costly than the PC because of its design complexity.
  • We can connect another peripheral devices with the laptops like speaker, mouse, Keyboard etc.
  • Laptop processors and video cards are designed based on the desktop processors, but are created with low power in mind. They are usually less powerful than the desktop computer.
  • Battery life will depend on the battery capacity noted in watts per hour and the laptop power consumption.


c) Palmtop:-

A small computer which fits on palm is known as palmtop. Palmtops are severely limited, but they are practical for certain functions such as phone books and calendars.

  • The term "palmtop computer" was an early term used when computers were big and cumbersome and small cell phones and even smart phones were not yet invented.
  • Today, this term is rarely used to describe a computer that fits in your hand because of the invention of the Smart phone.
  • a computer that has a small screen and compressed keyboard and is small enough to be held in the hand, often used as a personal organizer.
  • Palmtops that use a pen rather than a keyboard for input are often called  hand-held computers, pocket computer or PDA, because of their small size, most palmtop computers do not include disk drives.


d) Workstation:-

A Computer which is connected to a local area network and more powerful than a personal computer (PC) and it runs on multi-user operating system.

  • Workstation performance is higher than the main frame computers.
  • It is mainly created for business purpose not for general purpose use.
  • It manufactured as of the requirement of the particular industry like large amount of RAM, high speed graphics adapters, faster processor, multitasking and multiuser operating systems, more connected peripheral devices, network support
  • Workstation is nothing but the kind of personal computer which is connected to a Local area network and uses the sharable resources.
  • Workstations interface uses graphical user interface (GUI).


e) Super computer:-

A computer as name suggested super computer is a powerful computer which is mainly uses as a scientific, engineering and forecasting applications.

  • It performs highly complicated and complex calculations.
  • They have large amount of database capacity and great computation.
  • It has great performance.
  • Multiple computers perform parallel is equivalent to the super computer performance.
  • Super computer performance is calculated as a FLOPS (Floating point operations per seconds).
  • Super computer consists of thousands of processor connected to performs billions and trillions of calculations per second.
  • Super computer are very expensive to maintain.


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